About Angered Hospital

Front view of Angered hospital, with clear blue sky.

Welcome to Angered Hospital – a top modern hospital, committed to providing state of the art health care and health promoting services to its diverse and multicultural local community. Angered Hospital is part of the SV Hospital Group.

Our mission is to serve our community with accessible, welcoming, quality health care based on the needs of the local residents.

We aim to make a difference, and for that purpose we employ the latest technology, conduct innovative research, and collaborate extensively not least by cultivating an open dialogue with the local residents.

Human rights-based approach

Angered Hospital’s work is human rights-based, which means that we work to respect, protect, promote, and realise human rights, and in particular the right to health, for all residents and patients. We do so by ensuring that our healthcare services are available, accessible, acceptable, and of good quality (AAAQ). Our work is further based on the principles of equality and non-discrimination, participation and inclusion, and accountability. 

Health promotion

Angered Hospital has a unique public health and health promoting assignment which entails promoting health equity among residents and patients as well as employees. Public health interventions, which are implemented in collaboration with community, regional, and national partners, are based on national public health objectives and policies as well as the needs of the population. Outreach activities are a central component of our health promoting work.

Research and innovation

Angered Hospital is also a centre for research and development focused on community health care services in a multicultural setting and an innovative approach. All undertakings at the hospital are based on the needs of residents and patients and subjected to quality assurance measures and control.

Today, the hospital operates several specialist medical departments in the below fields:

  • Internal medicine
  • Child and adolescent medicine
  • Gynaecology
  • General surgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Rehab
  • Psychiatry